Wheel Alignments

Victory Tyre Services is the right choice when diagnosing and correcting your wheel alignment and suspension issues.

We have the latest equipment and expert technicians to make sure your car is adjusted to factory specifications, which will maximise your tyre life and have you driving safely.

Wheel alignment is an essential part of your car's maintenance, and not just because it will stop your car pulling to one side!

It helps keep you in control of your vehicle, improves the life of your car tyres, and can improve fuel economy.

What's not to like!

And while it may be difficult to understand the complexities of just how correct alignment angles are calculated, there are some tell-tales signs that your wheels need a visit from the alignment fairy.


Drive in a straight line and gently release your hands from the steering wheel for a second - does your car start veering to the left or right? If so, your wheels need aligning!

Tyre wear

Compare the front left tyre to the front right tyre, and do the same for the rear tyres. If the tread wear pattern between each pair is significantly different, it's time for an alignment. More information here (link to Replacing Worn Tyres page).

Off centre steering wheel

While driving straight again, have a look at whether the steering wheel is centred or not.

If it is out of alignment, you can probably guess by now what the problem may be!